Occupy Earth With Free Human Beings


This PAGE is dedicated to Human Beings who are searching for True Freedom. Freedom from the force and coercion of the State. Freedom from Taxes. Freedom from government slavery. We are looking for ways to break free of the control these things have on our daily lives. We know that owning land and becoming self sustainable are the two things that will bring us closest to freedom. We are looking to create a voluntary society. We are in the process of creating a truly free market by using sound money. We don’t believe our children should be entered into a society where when born are given a slave # that connects them to this debt forever. Please join this event if you are interested in these ideas. Send to others who are interested as well. We look forward to meeting you and becoming free together.

Please start your own local events so you can share videos and pictures.

Please visit the FACEBOOK EVENT site to RSVP. Check back before the event for updated information.

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