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Launching of New Website Agorist Marketplace

Looking for all agorists, who are working within the free market, accepting alternative currencies to FRN’s. Please visit this website, and add your agorist connection information. It is FREE.


The Best Way to Create a QR Code

I have been learning about QRcodes.

A brief: QR codes are like bar codes, except they are square and you can somewhat alter them graphically to be more creative in sending people to your website.

These codes can make a statement or link to a website.

I have found that you can create these in many different ways, also you can use shortlinks to track the stats of people scanning them.

You can also host them on more private sites click here for an example.

There are also ways to view your QR code larger for editing purposes.

In your google shortlinks you can view the details of the shortened link. Where you then see the QR code. Copy the link location and paste it into a new window. The QR code will show. In the web address bar you will see where it calls out the size. Simple change 150×150 to 500×500 then press ctrl and plus sign to make as large as your screen. You can now print screen and paste this into photoshop.

Good luck on your QR code Quest…here are a few that have been made.



Oh Porcfest

Here is activist Drew from Phoenix singing F*** You by Cee Lo Green
Lyrics by George Sand a staff writter at www.copblock.org


Federal Reserve = Slaveowner You = Slave


The Love Police First Friday


The Love Police Anti-Terror Squad Arizona Trip to the Capitol



Click Here To See our New Flickr page!


Welcome all Love Police Cadets!

Welcome to the Love Police Blog.
Here you will see posts about our most recent
adventures out into the world.
Please feel free to post comments.


Left right paradigm

The Political theory that members of opposing political parties such as Republican and Democrat deceptively share common interests and goals, as a one body ruling authority over the masses. The two parties act to create divisiveness and influence the general population while keeping control of the political spectrum.

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